Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peeved! Upset! Fuming mad!

I'm peeved man...super super super peeved. The reason: this site called taste of India (connect.sailusfood.com). It all began when one of my fellow bloggers asked me to sign my blog up on this site which creates a directory of blogs one can browse. I was using the user name Gromit then and I went ahead and signed up. Now i'm guessing what has happened is that anyone who uses Gromit as a user name is linked to MY blog and they send me messages telling me how their recipes are linked to my blog even though I HAVE NONE of their recipes on my blog. I contacted the moderator with this problem: no response! I changed my user name and registration at the site: no effect! I can't even unsubscribe my blog from her list!!!!!!! Its freaking driving me sooo mad. If you are one of those people whose recipes are getting linked to my blog because of the user name Gromit go ahead and change it. Thats the only solution I can think of. I'm sorry this is happening but I have nothing to do with it. Hopefully the moderator will some day resolve this issue. Till then this moronic glitch is bound to continue.
Oh Btw made some stuffed green peppers last night, shall post it in a day or two.

Adios people. Sorry, I had to vent my frustrations.

Note: O.K it turns out its not due to the username either. Its happening randomly. Poor Sharmila whose recipes are getting linked to mine pointed that out (see comments). Well both Sharmila and I are refraining from registering our blogs anywhere else. Once bitten you see.


Anonymous said...

I know how you are feeling ... and u know what ... I never used the name Gromit ..
and no ... even I did not get any response from the lady when I wrote mails to her ...
this I expected coz I got had got a prompt reply when I had mailed her with my request to add me on TOI.
I am sorry you had to go thru this frustration ... but I thought you should know ...
Am not only fuming mad .... but extremely disappointed and hurt.

And no ... I have no idea how to unregister ... so have gone ahead and changed the link to my blog.

I believe we food bloggers work hard on our blogs for our own satisfaction ... and encouraging comments from other fellow bloggers are extremely uplifting .... but do we need any third party to present us?

Will it not be more satisfying when somebody comes to your blog searching for recipes ... and sticks by?
I really made the mistake of trying to register in TOI ...
Glad that I found your blog though. :-)


Naina said...

Sharmila, I liked what you said...we don't need any other site to host our blogs we are fine on our own. I'm glad I found you too. BTW i can't seem to see your blog when I click on your name. Can u send me your blog link. Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy said...

My recipe today is linking to your website too. I have emailed the moderators. I wish they fix the glitch.

Anyway, You do have a nice blog ..

Miri said...

I have not had this problem with Taste of India (which is one of the few Indian food blog aggregators around) but have a problem of my blog posts not getting updated into the aggregator at all for some reason - something which many blogs are facing with Taste of India.

But, inspite of that, I do think food blog aggregators are a good idea in general. It helps many bloggers and non bloggers to take a look at whats new on their favourite blogs as well as discover new blogs without subscribing to the RSS feed. The difference in traffic to my blog when my posts were being updated on the aggregator - was quite a lot. Even I landed on your blog through TOI

TOI filled in the huge gap left by the other aggregator called Food Blog Desam which shut down but unfortunately I guess it is facing technical glitches as well as maybe a lack of time to devote to running it.

While I was quite frustrated with the non appearance of my posts on it at first, I also thought to myself then, that it must be taking a lot of time and energy to run it as well as technical knowlege just so it can benefit the food blogging community and I appreciate it for that.
Just my two cents...


Naina said...

Yes Miri I too think that food aggregator sites are a good idea (thats why i registered on one). But can you imagine the whole point of the site is lost if your recipes are getting linked to somebody else's blog. It can be quite frustrating and disheartening to lose your recipes to someone else and in my case to be the one getting linked to. Yes, I think i agree with the points you make that sites like TOI require a lot of technical know how and time to maintain and manage. But all who register at these sites assume that whoever is running the site has this time and expertise. Anyway, I have to now think about maybe changing my blog name which will significantly affect my blog visitors but hopefully it should work out. Thanks for stopping by Miri and raising some important points on this issue. I like such discussions.

Meera Mihir said...

Hi Naina,
I admit I came here to wonder who Gromit is because today my recipes got linked to Gromit. I do not know whom I should contact. But don't get frustrated. I am sure we will come up with some solution.

PCP said...

I thought it was good idea to have a central directory for Indian food blogs. I didn't realize people were having problems with it. Hopefully, whoever runs it will figure out the problem before too many bloggers defect.

Pallavi said...

Hi Naina,

I posted a while ago on your blog about my name showing up wrong on TOI. I think I have figured the problem. Looks like if we change the profile with which we are posting or changed the name, it seems to have the issue. Mine was the first issue and someone else said it was latter for them. Thought I'd share with you. So that you can update your post probably..

Thanks !
Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy