Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving Hiatus!

Hey Peeps. Writing this post surrounded by boxes, or stuff in piles that should be in boxes...... i'm procastrinating. We're moving on from upstate NY to the pacific Northwest. It literally is moving from one corner of the country/continent to the other. Its bitter sweet. I'm leaving behind friends from the past 7 years, a city I grew to love and know like the back of my hand and worst of all my entire family all of whom live within 6 hours of driving distance. Yes, we are excited about our big city move, our new jobs, a new exciting life, warmer weather etc etc but I like my cozy well and am not a big fan of changes. Anyway if I can leave India and move across to another country moving to a new city should be super easy. Plus i've already booked my tickets back to the east coast to visit home during Christmas...yaaaay...i'll get to meet everyone in a couple of months. So what this essentially means is that my kitchen is closed...or in the process of being closed so cooking anything worth posting is down to a halt. We are driving cross country, thought this a good enough opportunity to see the country as we head west and God knows when we'll be able to take such a trip again. So I'm guessing i'm not going to be able to post much for the month of October. I might post food I eat along the way: hey thats a good idea:tasty travels. Well we'll see how that works out. Anyway my fellow bloggers, blogging buddies, my regular visitors or a newbie to my blog:pleeeease don't forget me. I'll be back in a month's time , from a new kitchen and with some new recipes. See you soon.


Sharmila said...

Hey Naina! Good luck for everything ! :-)
And yes, so what if you do not cook? Do keep us updated on whatever stuff you gorge on .. even if it is sandwich with ketchup ;-p
Jokes apart ... hope you have a smooth transit ... and do post a line sometime that you are doing fine ... recipes can wait. :-)
Take care and all the best !

Andrew Taylor said...

Your bench is being cleared of accumulated junk, even as we speak. It might even get cleaned, if you play your cards right.

Which route are you taking? When will you arrive?