Friday, January 30, 2009

No Knead Bread

Hey everyone. I know I know i've slowed down to a crawl here. I've actually been cooking everyday but haven't made anything new that hasn't already been posted. I have nver made bread before. This recipe came to me from Gareth. Its actually a very popular recipe posted in the New York Times. Check it out here . There is also a youtube video of making this bread. I'm not much of a baker. I love breads but never ever ventured to make some on my own fearing all the kneading etc. This is an extremely easy takes some time just for the dough to ferment and rise but is soooo easy its definitely worth a try. The bread is really really good.
I'm posting some of the pics of my bread making but not the recipe since the article has it. Unlike the recipe and as shown in the video I used my oven at 500 degrees instead of 450. Also, for some reason, maybe I didn't use enough flour on my towel, the bread stuck to the towel before baking and I had too pull it off losing a little bit of dough with it. This happened to Gareth too so I warn you to use maybe a thinner cotton towel that will easily come off. I also stored my dough after rising in the fridge and baked it the next day. That was fine too. I sincerely hope you try this one.


Soma said...

That bread looks really good yaar.. easy may it be. Lots of air pockets and fluffy!

Sharmila said...

Great baking Naina! :-) Maybe I'll be tempted to try this one just because of the no knead part. :-)
Take care. :-)