Sunday, May 24, 2009

Akbar Ali Sandwich

This is one of my favorite brunch recipes. I learnt how to make these sandwiches from my mom. The sandwich is a variation of a type thats sold in the Akbar Ali area of Mumbai and thus the name. My mom made this for us when she came to stay with us when Sahana was born. Its a layered vegetarian sandwich but you can definitely modify and add whatever you want to it.


Bread: white or wheat

1/2 cucumber fineyl chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
grated cheddar cheese
One onion sliced
Two large potatoes, sliced thinly
Butter or butter spread

Add oil to a pan. Saute sliced onions till golden. Add sliced potatoes. Season with salt and pepper and cook till potatoes are done.

1 cup cilantro
1/4 cup coconut
1 pod garlic
1 tsp sugar
salt to taste
lime juice
Grind all these ingredients to a fine paste using water.

Assembling the sandwich.
Toast the bread. Take one slice of bread. Apply butter. Add generous amount of the chutney. For layer one add chopped cucumber and tomatoes and a little bit of cheese.

Take another buttered toast place on top of the first layer and add onion potato filling and a little bit of cheese. At this layer you can add tomato ketchup if you like. Top with another buttered toast.

Place the club sandwich on a hot pan greased with oil spray. Press down the sandwich using a spatula. Do this on both sides.

Remove from heat. Cut in half and serve with more chutney and ketchup.
I couldn't resist it: look i even took a bite out of it before I was done taking pics.


sdsilva said...

Looks yummy!!

Sharmila said...

Look at that plate! The sandwich does sound very filling! Love the idea of sauting the potatoes. :-)
Hope you and your little cutie are doing fine. :-)

s said...

havent had sandwiches in a while..urs looks very tempting...