Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is an older post and I am reposting it for Mansi's Monthly Mingle on vegetarian appetizers. The monthly mingle event was started by Meeta. If you have the time, please do check out their blogs.

I love this really simple and beautiful recipe and its ideal for this event. As an appetizer its perfect. Its bite sized, easy to eat, good to taste, liked by all and really nice to look at. Plus, you can make many in no time at all. Its important to serve it right out of the oven when its hot and crispy. If you haven't tried this one yet, please do.


One french baguette, cut into pieces
One large onion chopped
Half a green pepper chopped
One tomato chopped
Italian parsley chopped, a fistful
balsamic vinegar 1 tsp
black pepper
Olive oil

For variations: Add any fresh chopped herbs like basil or oregano.

Chop tomatoes, onions, green pepper and parsley.

Add to a bowl. Add balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and 1 tsp olive oil.Mix. Baste each piece of bread with Olive oil.

Top each piece of bread with the mixture. Broil on high for about 5 mintues. The bread toasts very fast so keep watching it or it might burn. Serve hot right out of the oven.


Mansi Desai said...

Perfect! these crostinis look amazing Naina....thanks so much for sending it over to MM:)

Arundathi said...

thats a great entry - nice looking crostini!

ranji said...

crostini's looks delcious naina!!lovely entry.

Hetal said...

Nice Crostini...
I have something waiting for u in my blog!!!

Hetal said...

hey these look delicious.....hey check out my blog for a surprise...