Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shrimp Chilly Fry and Batman (The Dark Knight)

Continuing with my dinner and a movie theme here is my review of Batman that we saw this weekend. To go with that here is a really yummy shrimp dish that I like a lot. I especially like to eat this with steamed rice. One can adjust the sweetness by adding more ketchup. I sometimes add a tblsp of vinegar also to make it a like a sweet and sour sauce.This dish is very similar to one I saw on Sig's blog but she makes hers with chicken and adds other things to it. I used to add an egg to my flour mixture but after seeing Sig's recipe without egg I omitted the egg and it worked just fine without it.

The recipe first

One bag uncooked deveined peeled shrimp (30)
1 cup all purpose flour
One pinch Chinese five spice powder (optional)
One pinch pepper
salt to taste
Oil to fry shrimp
One large onion diced
3-4 pods chopped garlic
3 stems green onions chopped
2 tbslp Sriracha sauce
3-4 tbslp tomato ketchup
3 tbslp soy sauce
1 tsp ajionomoto (optional)


Add salt,pepper and chinese 5 spice powder to the all purpose flour. Add water to the flour to make a thick paste. Coat each shrimp with the flour paste and deep fry in oil. Meanwhile heat oil in wok. When the oil is very hot working quickly add garlic and green onions and diced onions. Stir fry. Add all sauces and ajinomoto. Taste the sauce now and adjust sweetness/sourness as needed. Add deep fried shrimp and mix till the saucy mixture has coated the shrimp. Serve hot as an appetizer or eat with rice.

Batman (Rating 5 star: Violent, scary, funny, good acting, great stunts)
So finally this weekend Nits and I managed to get tickets to Batman: the dark knight. Oh and was it worth it or what!! This is definitely NOT a kids movie so if you were planning on taking your kids, forget about it. Christian Bale returns as Suave billionaire Bruce wayne aka Batman at night. However the person who definitely steals the show is Heath Ledger as Joker. He's funny yet scary and given this mentally deranged psychoanalytical side to Joker. There are scenes where I cringed but the scene moved so fast that it was not gory but violent none the same. I had heard a lot about Heath's joker performance but it really was as good as they said it was. A very nice twist to the joker character. I seriously had a nightmare with the joker in it that night!! The plot is typical batman style where batman tries to save Gotham city from the evils of Joker. It has some underlying mafia angle added in which I didn't much care for. Aaron Eckhart plays the good DA who is in love with Rachel (Not Katie Holmes in this movie but Maggie Gyllenhall) . Batman has all the action, stunts and amazing gadgets/tricks. My favorite part was when the batmobile transforms into the Bat bike and he rides it out with his cape flying behind him:AWESOME! The movie is a bit long and may be its one downside. I think it could have been shorter by half an hour. All in all a fun blockbuster which unlike other previous summer flicks had some really good performances. I definitely recommend it.

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