Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mutton Rogan Josh (Goat meat Kashmiri style)

Goat meat also known as mutton is very popular in South Asia. This dish is indigenous to the beautiful region of Kashmir and has a blend of spicy and sweet flavors. The sweetness comes from saffron and nutmeg while the spiciness from the bright red chillies. The name essentially means red meat. This is how I make it.


For the Spice Mix

7 to 8 Dry Kashmiri Red chillies
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tblsp corriander seeds
1 tsp pepper corns

Roast above ingredients till they release aroma.

Goat meat 2 pounds

Marinade for goat meat

Kashmiri chilly powder (Deggi mirch)2 tsp
Crushed garlic-1 tsp
crushed ginger-2 tsp
salt and pepper to taste

Marinate meat with the marinade for 30 minutes to overnight.

2 large onions sliced
1 bay leaf
2 large tomatoes
1 pinch nutmeg
a few strands of saffron
two cloves, one stick cinnamon, one black cardamom, 5 to 6 pepper corns
2 potatoes diced (OPTIONAL:this is not normally added to rogan josh but i like potatoes in everything)

Heat oil in a pressure cooker pot. Add cinnamon stick, cardamom, cloves and pepper corns.

When oil is hot add marinated meat. Fry on high heat till meat browns. Add water and pressure cook for 5 steam releases. Alternatively, cook in a covered pot till meat is tender. In all cases, save mutton broth.

Meanwhile grind roasted spices with one large tomato to make a thick paste. In a separate pot, heat oil and fry sliced onions till golden. Add spice paste and cook till the spice mix stops sticking to the sides of the pot, about 15 minutes.

Add cooked meat, broth and diced poatatoes. Add nutmeg and saffron.

Cook covered on medium heat for about 30 minutes. Serve hot with rice or bread.

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