Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogging and Me

I didn't realize what I was getting into when I started my food blog. This food blog world man its quite a world to observe! There are the big blogs: you know those not using blogspot but have their own domain with adsense and cool graphics and features. Then there's mid-level blogs, use blogspot but have cool features and lots of visitors. Then there are people like me. New entries , no experience and a non IT professional who tries real hard to put in these html codes to make their blog better. However I don't know how much I'm into going to other blogs and leaving lame comments just to get traffic . That I don't like!! If and when I do leave a comment its because I did try their recipe or really wanted to give constructive feedback. I like people who take the time to read your recipe and let you know what they think.Comments on my own blog matter to me and if they are personal and meaningful i like that. One person I really like with this respect is Sig . Big blogger, amazing recipes and site and leaves comments that show that she took the time to at least go over your post. Thats my favorite blogger so far. I also love these food events. I'm slowly getting into it but I had a great experience with Sia's Ode to potato. When I saw my very first entry I was soooooo excited. That was fun!!

Well I'm chugging along slowly and surely. My recipes are not gourmet. I think they are more for the working woman, the Indian housewife looking for a easy recipe idea to make that night for dinner. Nothing super fancy but they sure do taste right.
Well thats it for this edition of my blogging update. If you're new into food blogging and feel like a small fish in an ocean drop me a comment, maybe we can start a new food bloggers group.


Honey & Butter said...

hi naina,

i am also in the same boat as u. my blog is just one month old. Nice recipes u have here!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a food blogger but I do enjoy reading food blogs. Yours is pretty good, and has already given me some good ideas or reinforced some that I have had recently, such as the stuffed small eggplants. Today I made bharta so baingan is on my mind ;)

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

Hi Naina,

Loved this post cos there is so much I could relate to( non-IT etc)...even I am not so much into just leaving comments all over the place!! i am also kind of a newbie - 3 months old now :-)but you learn soo much in soo lil time! good job with ur blog...