Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cauliflower Paranthas

Stuffed parathas used to be my dad's favourite. He was a vegetarian and every restaurant he went to, he always wanted stuffed paranthas and aaloo gobi. This is an easy recipe from my mom and I always make these when I think of my dad.


Take whole wheat flour--3 cups, add salt and warm water about 1/2 cup. Cover for 10 minutes. Knead. Add water as needed, finish with oil to knead. Dough should be not be too soft or too hard. Knead well and leave covered for at least half an hour.


1 small head of a cauliflower
1 inch piece of ginger
a small bunch of cilantro or parsley
2-3 green chilles

Throw all ingredients except salt into a food processor. Grind together.

keep aside. Add salt last. Salt releases water from the mix. So water has to be squeezed out before adding to paranthas.

Roll out dough into thin small (about 6 inch diameter) using dry flour to avoid sticking. Roll out two such rounds for each paratha. Take one round. Squeezer out water from mixture, sprinkle over rolled out dough as shown.

Cover with second piece of rolled out dough. Pat lightly with a clean dry hand, especially around the edges. Roll out lightly using a rolling pan flattening out the" dough sandwich".

Place on a hot "tawa" or flat non stick pan. Brown on both sides. Then add aboutn 1/2 tablespoon of oil on each side and fry till golden brown. Turn and repeat on other side. If you want parathas soft don't press down too much on the dough when you cook them. If you want it reddened and crispy press down after adding oil. Place in a covered container before serving to prevent hardening. Serve with yogurt beaten lightly with salt and sugar to taste.

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