Saturday, December 1, 2007

My not so bare necessities list

Its that time of the year when you are making up your list of gifts to give and to get. I wanted to share with my blog readers my list of good household investments which may be expensive in some cases but well worth the cost--don't scrimp on these. This list of mine probably applies more to young married couples who are saving up and also starting a new family and home and therefore would be wonderful to add to your wedding registry instead of that bamboo steamer and melon scoop (who by the way is going to gift you just one melon scoop!!!). O.k clearly I have seen some really bad wedding registires. Moving on...I will continue to add to this list over time.

My not so bare necessities

1. Sheets: 450 thread count or more. After sleeping on those cheap 250 thread count sheets for so many years, I went on to and bought 45O thread count sheets---heavenly...well worth the investment. Sateen cotton is the one to go for. A comfortable sleep is well worth the cost.

2. Stainless steel cookware: Say no to non-stick for high heat cooking.

3. Knives: I have used the miracle blade for the last 4 years. Love it.

4. Circulon cook ware. I have two as of now...will continue to add to my collection slowly. Each pot is sooooo worth the price.

5. Cast iron pot and skillet. Great to brown steaks in and then put in the oven. The pot is great for stews and soups.

4. Fondue pot: A nice way to get your guests around the table and to get the party off the ground. Its fun and not to forget who doesn't like fondue?? This one my aunt bought for me from crate and barrel for 20 bucks--great gift! The bowl can be microwaved so you can melt the fondue in there and then keep it warm with a candle.

Alright thats it for Christmas draws closer will put up more gift ideas, easy and cheap decorating tips and recipes for holiday parties.

This is the season to be jolly tra la la lala

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